Why i Love Connor <3

i knew Alfie, Marcus and Connor at the same time. but (well, doesnt mean i compared them 3) i love Connor the most.

that cute guy
that cute guy

first, his name is cute. Franta. reminds me of my favorite coke, Fanta.

second, he is so handsome. just look at that picture.

and the third, i fell in love with him after watching his video ‘let’s talk about sex’

i am an indonesian, not a bule (we call white people as a bule) and here, all we know about bule is that they loved sex, free sex, and bla bla bla and such. but then i watch connor’s video and i was like ‘wow he is so cool’. i mean not all bules is bad, let’s not be racist, (and btw i believe that bule have self-esteem too, not all of em addicted to sex, maybe just some of em addicted to sex) it’s just, i love him because he has self-esteem. he is a good guy. he is not a guy that would fuck a stranger naked girl. he is a person who respect sex, respect girl, in the right way.

that’s a beautiful thing about him. Connor ❤

2 thoughts on “Why i Love Connor <3

  1. ..fourth, his smile is to die for! and fifth, he is the kind of guy that other stupid guys would call gay because of how he is, but in reality he’s just the perfect man..a man you can definitely talk to, share intimate things with, a guy who has taste and that will love you and respect you like only a few guys would…..oh and sixth, he is funny, the good kind of funny!

    Haha I’m sorry..he’s my favorite too of the guys!

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