Talking about my personality and my future husband

I am a selfish and cool and stubborn and tomboy. My personality.
I dont care about fashion. I wear clothes with different and silly colours. About my weight. About my face. Never put make up on face. Never take selfie. I dont like girly things. I dont care. I dont care.
It made people said like ‘what if u got a husband, u cant cook, u r not girly how could you serve him? How could he likes u? U gotta change urself!’ And one day a shocking thing happened. Someone wish that ‘i wish ull meet a husband that could change u’ i felt disappointed
But, before i got more disappointed, my friend defends me by saying ‘if she (she means me) meet a guy that could change her, then that guy cant accept her just the way she is. I want her to meet the one that accept her just the way she is’
She is right. And honestly im amazed.


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