About Lucy and Darwin

This is not a post about a lovestory, or maybe yes, but its just impossible.
Darwin died long time ago. He is a founder of Evolution theory, which is so stupid and i dont believe in it. I am a muslim, i believe in God, and only abnormal people could say that God doesnt exist. However, i watched Lucy because all i know Lucy is an action movie and im kinda curious. I didnt know that lucy taught about evolution theory. But, just some mins after i enter that cinema, i really wanna get the hell out of that place. The followers of darwin, which mostly also a scientist always spread to the world like evolution is right, and they even chose media as their program to spread their failed theory. But however, i ignore that theory still, and juat enjoying the movie. And, Lucy is just funny. Im not a scientist but, could anyone tell me how is that possible a car disappear because the time run faster and faster? Actually the time just ran so muuuch faster till the time itself gone, and it does make sense: the car disappear because the time itself disappear. Everything disappear, including the time, so, time is not the only thing that is truly exist in this world.


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