A lil problem

I ordered a medicine via online which the price is 630 rb! And im goin crazy that the medicine has not sent untill yeterday. I ordered that thing since wednesday, so, untill now the med is still not here and it was bad. I gave my dormitory adress so i once thought that someone in my dormitory stole the med, or the security is too stupid. I contacted the seller, and he confirmed that, because i live in jakarta and he lives in surabaya, it takes some times to deliver. The med just came to jakarta yesterday, and maybe ill get the med tomorrow. It is good. The seller is so nice and i feel comfortible, and actually im a bad buyer. I cant hold my emotion that time because i think the seller lied to me but he is not. In here, i want to thanked him so much for his patient 😀


The quality that gets low (my lovely j.co donuts)

Some years ago, maybe when i was 11 or 10, my auntie bought me a box of j.co donuts. J.co donuts has been asia’s favorite, and also my favorite too that time.
It tasted delicious and i swore, my tongue is not wrong. Everybody said so. That time j.co is only 5 rb with high quality.
But it was 5 or 6 years ago. I just ate my first j.co donuts, after 6 years (u mut say SERIOUSLY?! But yeah im super serious. I dont even know why its happened?) the price is now 6.5 rb and i think, because the price is a bit more expensive it means that j.co donuts must be more delicious.
But its not anymore. Okay, i mean, its still delicious. But the quality is getting so much low! I didnt find my old j.co anymore. Someyhing was missing, maybe the sugar or the jam or the donut or anything. Yea, especially the donut bread. J.co was the most special one before, but now the donut is just the same with another 1 rb donut without any brand.
J.co is a good brand. I hope they can get their delicious taste back.


A flashdisk…. Finally!

As a blogger, flashdisk, usb, data, laptop (ofcourse) and internet connection is all u need.
Yesterday i just posted an article about how important flashdisk is and now i just bought it! Its beautiful, so small and the price is 121 rb or 12 us dollars only 🙂 an i named my flashdisk as HP NANA. I remember i once named my very first flashdisk AKHMENRAH, inspired from a handsome king on night at the museum hehe 😀



i hate K-Pop. seriuously, i dont like it.

first reason, i hate a friend, no, not a friend, i mean someone. she liked Korea, and i hate all she loves. ahhah. that’s stupid, right? but that’s me. do i hate korea that much because of her only? no. not just her. if its only about her, i won’t hate korea, i will just dislike korea.

second, i can never call chineese/korean/japanese guy as handsome guy. i dunno why. but okay, i respect japan and china and taiwan and such and i dont hate them at all (and btw i love china dunno why) but korean guy is just too gay. ever seen a member of exo hugging each other, kissing each other and such? they are boys, i tell u, none of them are girls. that’s just too gay.

third, my friends who liked korea are getting too much over it. they are so fanatic that i cannot handle it at all. i hated that too.

fourth, korean guys and girls often commit a plastic surgery to look more beautiful. shit.

that’s all 🙂 for me, all about korea is okay, except the plastic surgery, the gay things, and my fanatic friends.

Alot of posts and a flashdisk!

it start from some months ago, whenever i want to buy a flashdisk, it was always that thought came into my mind: like, why do i need a flashdisk? no i didnt need it. but now what often happened is: i wrote much article to post to my blog, i write it on another PC and i open my blog with another PC. so, my article and my blog is not together. how is a blog without article? its just suck. it’s suck because i cant post my article to my blog. it’s suck because the only connection between my article(my PC) and my blog (another PC, usually public PC) is a flashdisk. so, i learn that i need it so badly. i will buy one, i guess 🙂