New hobby: Cinema tickets collector!

i loved to go Mall and have some fun, go to gramedia book store or just having lunch and dinner at the restaurant. but what i like the most is, which i would rather die than not doing this thing is, go to cinema.
i always collected my tickets and its silly but, really, go to cinema with my own money which is not much, and since im a student too, its hard so the tickets is worth to be collected 😎
and here is some of those tickets well thats not much but atleast i have some haha couse i just started this hobby(its kind of a cool hobby yo) since last may so… its still not much but i have an idea, how if i posted all of movies i watched on this blog, like, a review for that movie? oke, so, ill try to do that so then ill be posting everytime i went to cinema, okay! :))))

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