My iPad

hey! its been a while since i became a lazier blogger, but here is some updates: i finally found a song i really love since long time ago but dunno the title and its no more by jonas brother, i figure out that now im so tired and im selling my ipad which has been my bae for 6 months and im crying so bad inside, but thats my choice so its a little silly. why do im selling it? because my parents dont want me to be too busy with ipad anymore(remember my post about addicted to phone? im not addicted but my parents thought that i was) so they kept my ipad for a long time but then i decided to sell it couse i wanna be focus to school and, well, i dont really need ipad for a while. so that is why.
but its a lil sad to remember all those times i had with my ipad… i mean, come on, im alone and ipad is my friend that always there for me:to study, listening to music, playing games, writing, blogging, etc…. and its just make me sad it feels like im losing my pet and its just hurts but because im selling my lovely ipad with a price which is expensive enough, i loved it.
so, goodbye my bae!!!!

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