Movie i watch tonight

i loved to go Mall and have some fun, go to gramedia books tore or just having lunch and dinner at the restaurant. but what i like the most is, which i would rather die than not doing this thing is, go to cinema.

i always collected my tickets and its silly but, really, go to cinema with my own money which is not much, and since im a student too, its hard so the tickets is worth to be collected 😎
sooo can you guess whats the movie? its step up all in. the movie was great, and so cool just like the other step up but this one is even cooler and i met some characters who played for the late step up seriarl, like camille and moose and also that chineese girl which i forgot the name but i thought she was called ‘kiddo’ or what i dunno haha.
one thing that made me feel weird is, why is there must be a love story between a dancer with another dancer and that love story mattered the most on the movie and it happened in most of all dance movies and im like, dont u have another topic that could matter more?
and im a bit suprised that i found the ‘now’ moose who’s already got a job like forgot that he loved to dance at first, but then he loved to dance again. but the point is, he ignores to dance at first. and for me its kind of impossible and unreasonable.
but above all, this movie is cool. and it made me and my friend have another dream on our list: go to las vegas and sleep at caesar’s pallace πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜„ well, nothing is impossible, right?

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