Sherlock BBC Season 4

i knew sherlock bbc for the first time when i bought the full dvd of sherlock season 2. its so expensive and at first, when i got home and watch it a litle, i felt disapointed to bought that non-cheap dvd but, finally when i watch it again till the end of the episode(not only a litle part of it) i was addicted and i watch it, over and over again 😀 and cant stop till now.
then my friend gave me a full episode of season 1 and you know what? im screaming like any fangirl would do(lol this is stupid) and when the season 3 came out i was like flying above the skyyyy looool
i watched season 3 on youtube but now the video has been deleted i dunno why probably the terms of youtube wont let the ouploader keep that video. i’ve watched episode 1 and 2, but because the video has been deleted i havent watch episode 3 yet (untill now!)
and im waiting for sherlock season 4 so bad, i wanan watch it as soona s possible like crazy, which is so silly because it will be realising in the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016. this is what i hate the most: that british drama is fuckin amazing but it only serves us with 3 episode every 2 year, like, what the hell? but i musta understand their decision, i guess the production (mark gatiss or whatever the name is) have a good reason that is reasonable.
when sherlock season 4 comes out in 2015, i really wanna go UK so badly 😹 to meet benedict cumberbatch or martin freeman. i saw a picture where freemanan d cumberbatch were meeting their fans on sherlock season 3 premier and im like, (singing JB’s song) that should be me… well, i live in the other side of the world, a country called Indonesia, which is impossible for cumberbatch and freeman to notice me. lol.


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