Things guys and girls don’t understand about each other👫

that’s interesting how we have been created for each other but in some ways, we are totally oposite. and here is some things that i know about how girls and guys act different:
-Guy doesnt understand why girl is so obsessed with being skinny, but girl thinks guy loves skinny girl
-Girl doesnt understand why boy never can understand girl’s feeling by seeing girl’s expression, but guy doesnt even notice girl’s expression and they’ll be like, “what? ur face? no… i dont see that u r sad” lol
-Guy doesnt understand why girl always call everything cute, girls doesnt understand why guy cant find the cuteness from anything!
-Girl thinks that guy hate her just because that guy keep silent, but guy thinks they are being nice already
-Guy just wanna be alone when they are sad, but girl want someone beside her when they are sad
-Girl always want their partner to be romantic, but when they do, they’ll be like, “what the hell are you doing?” 😂😂😂😂😂
-Guy never ask a girl to do romance but when girls do, they are actually flying 😍😍😍😍😍
-Girl doesnt understand why sometimes guy act like they dont care, but guys be like, “thats just happening. we have been created like this”
-Guy thinks girl is overacting at everything like this life is a drama, but girls be like, “thats just happening. we have been created like this” #payback
-Girl always wanna look perfect, but actually in guy’s eyes you are perfect with no make up
yeah, that’s all. if you know any other think about things that girls and guys dont understand bout each other leave it on comment bellow

2 thoughts on “Things guys and girls don’t understand about each other👫

  1. I think men and women are different but in the best relationships men and women talk out their differences and learn from the other gender’s point of view. Ideally this knowledge fosters an even closer relationship that ends up being a lifelong love. Can you love someone after they broke up with you? I recommend highly two tsks on Trd Takks. Bothe are by Brene Brown. One is “On the Power if Vuknerability” the other is “Examining Shame” on If you like those and feel brave try Helen Fusher’s “Why We Loce, Why We Cheat,” for advanced study


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