That awkward moment

i hate awkward moment cuz it makes me feel so silly. but everytime i got a new friend and we got really close but then we are seperated, seriously, things gone awkward.
it usually happen when i have to move to another school or yeah, mostly after graduation.
i got really close to em like a sibling, but then some days after that we dont even text, and when we met ill be like, “oh, hey… hehehe” awakwardly!
so, i got some ways to avoid that, maybe it works couse i think it will.
-dont be a person that text or call or meet your friend everyday that’s annoying. dont be that person.
-dont be a person like me😑 i never text or call. or when i got a change to meet them, i didnt take it so… there is a distance between our friendship till finally we will be like someone who never meet before.
the tips is, be a person that your friend really need, a person that they really want you by their side, make them feel like you are the same person that play, laugh, and hangout with them everyday. how? first, make a contact, but dont too often. call em once in 2 or 3 days, hangout with them on the weekend(once a week) and text them all u want but dont make them feel bothered by you or like you are so addicted to text em 👅 and be cool. please understand that they might have new friends, so… dont be an awkward person when you see your friend hanging out with someone else.
and dont just call or text, do video call sometimes. seeing friend’s face would help so much to reduce the awkwardness.
thats all 🙂


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