Diet never works

i wanna do a diet when im on holiday because i will be spending all myday at home and it makes me easier to reduce my foods or choose some good foods to eat because i camt do it when im still on my boarding school so.. i tried. first, i tried a food suplement so thati wont eat all day but failed.
second, i tried another diet butfailed.
third, another diet.
fourth,a nother diet.
all the diets is justw asting mytime and i dont even get mybody slimmer you know why?
youll never make it when you know that the most delicious foods on earth are all around you. foods in my house is just the best and it makes diet doesnt work at all! i even often be like, “i wanna eat that but im on diet oh man… oh no its ok ill try another diet tomorrow maybe it will work better than the diet im doin now. so, im free to eat everything i want right now–because tomorrow ill do a new diet!” and then i start to eat like a pig and i think it makes me fatter lol.
sooo im not gonna do any diet when im still at home! lol!

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