Tips to remove Ads while playing game

i often get angry whenever i play games and when i want to click some buttons, like, for example, “resume” or “play again” but suddenly there is an ads about bla bla bla (usually to promote other game) and i accidently click that ads by mistake and then the screen be like directly “redicting to apps store” which i hate the most couse i dont wanna download that game at all, honestly. felt like im cheated.
but today, just today, i saw a vine to solve this silly problem from a user named “Life hack” and it was obviously cool: tips to remove ads while playing game.
how? the first, ofcourse, we need to turn off the mobile data or wifi couse ads only appear with data. but its hard since sometimes we play online games that needs internet(which means need data too). and here is another tip from life hacks:
Turn your phone into airplane mode. is it works? well, i havent try that yet since i dont play game often. but then a second after that i realize… turn on the airplane mode means we turn off the data and wifi too! how silly! but hey, this is the only way! :p
and actually this is not that silly couse… yeah there is no other way. but some apps sometimes give us a notification like: download bla bla bla bla(another app) will remove ads forever. maybe thats something you need to try too.

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