Recipe–Tomato egg🍅🍳

inpired by a traditional iranian food👳, but i cook it with my own way 😋
im forget whats that name in iran but, i call it ‘tomato egg’
first of all, you need:
-1/2 tomato(cut into small pieces 0.5mm x 0.5mm)
-an egg
-three spoon of butter
-wheat bread
-salt(as much as u want)
-cheese(as much as you want)
and now, we are going to cook the tomato egg.
-first, fry the butter and the tomato until the colour of butter changed a bit like the tomato’s colour.
-pour the salt, the egg and the cheese into the pan
-the last, put the tomato egg beside the wheat bread and pour some cheese into the bread.
bon appetit 🙂
ps. this is my dinner yesterday! lol


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