i was a bullying victim!–by my own teachers!

yeah i was. first, when i was still a kiddo. i donno anything. it’s just, on my kindergarden, there is such a silly person names Hasna and Wadiah. they steal my sit and steal so many things and i got sooo many stupid teachers who dont care about us and they often angry at us and i remember how much i hate them, i hate them, still 😒
but i think the bullying is not that bad, i mean, i have a backup named anna who always take a bullet for me(hehe). so im fine and when i was kid i dont really care about what happened around me i just care that: ill meet my mom at home, play with my siblings and eat my favorite food and on the weekend ill buy some toys and foods and hangout with my grandmoms and oooh my life is such a joy. i just know my family that time, i dont have any friend(i was in love with my family, how beautiful..😑😓)
the big problem is on the teacher’s. i felt like i was cheated and you know, whenever i turn, it’s just me and my fault. i cant read alphabet and my teacher angry at me. i color my finger with pen and they got angry too. i accidently kicked my friend’s butt and they angry at me, but when i had a nose bleed because of my friend they dont even angry at my friend and its just not fair!
but when i met them once at a mosque with my parents, they will care so much about me and talk to me in the way they never talked to me like that before, so soft and loving. “do u wanna go to school?” they asked.
i answered, “course not! the teachers is so rude” and they laughed at me and say that they are not rude(seriously? stfu!) and they are good to me.
they did that infront of my parents. huh? scared because i have a bigger backup yeah? 😒
i never told my mom that i hate them but… maybe a mom’s feeling is big. si big. she knows that i hate my teachers and that they are so f**king rude(she still remember those teachers who bullied me till now!!!! she remembers their name when i dont even remember!!!!)
but luckily, i went to another school, not a school transfer couse the kindergarten-time has end, i got to go elementary school!!!! and the teachers there are simply good.
what happened to my two friends who bullied me at kindergarten? Wadiah become my craziest friend at elementary school (obviously we moved to the same school) which i liked it, since i love craziest thing and she is that thing lol. Hasna? we met at junior highschool, and its so funny how she become my good friend. the teachers on my kindergarten? they lost their jobs. all or em. because of something–school cant trust them anymore. actually, i felt sorry for em–no matter how much i hate them, atleast they r not alien. they r human too.

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