Connor Franta leaving O2L?

that news is actually made me suprised like, really, i lost my connor forever! lol.
first time i noticed connor’s videos is on january or february i forgot, i watched him on youtube and my friends said, “this guy is so fuckin handsome” and i agreed. and then i watched him over and over again and i knew that he is a part of O2L.
at first connor wrote on his fb fanpage that he has posted a new video on youtube and they want us the check it out. so i did. at first i thought connor is leaving youtube, but on that video he explain that “im still doin youtube video” and i got no worries anymore.
the reason he leaves? i think its not because he has a problem with other youtubers on O2L couse he said, “im still hangingout with those 5 guys” he means the O2L guys, and he said that he doesnt want to do youtube videos as a job, he wants to be “that kid who loves to making youtube videos because i want to”, not for money. thats the reason.
and he cant join O2L only with the half of his heart, he hated it. actually he has been trying to tell about this but he just can do it now. he told us not to believe in rumors and to appreciate his decision, and yeah i agreed because that’s his life. he looks a little sad since the start of the video ’til the video ends, and i hate to see that. he doesnt smile at all on that video! but i hope he will smile again maybe on the next video he will post on his channel(he said on the ‘new chapter’ video, that video is the last one he will ever post on O2L channel)
love you, Connor.


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