Attack on titan

if you love anime you should have know this one.
its attact on titan and actually i dont like anime, (i mean before i watch this movie i dont like, but maybe yes i just love one anime and its only this movie)but then my friend recommended this and i loved it!

how i can not love it. its so fuckin amazing that i just cant stop watching it! the story is about titan vs Human which titan is always trying to make human disappear from this earth with no reason(or actually we havent know the reaso yet since the season 2 is still coming soon)
attact on titan season 1 has been realesed but the season 2 is still coming soon, i guess it will be at the end of this year or the next 2015 which is, as for me, too long couse i love this anime sooo much!
and just today i saw a really funny vine from a user which i donno who is he but his vines is so funny. he posted something about attact on titan (he said, ‘this is my expression when i watch attact on titan). i used to think that attct on titan is watched by asian(i asian, indonesian actually) only, but as i see the comments, i finally know that western love this anime too.


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