Addicted to phone?

when my granma asked me what i want as a present for my birthday, i answered, “Ipad”
“not iphone?”
“no, grandma. i want ipad”
why do i want an ipad? ipad is much bigger than iphone. and i cant use ipad to call or sms, so that i wont get any call or sms. ipad is heavier than iphone too, and it makes ipad not easy to carry. and also make me lazier to carry ipad everywhere, lazier to open ipad since the screen is so fucking big and its terrible to bring ipad everywhere and play with it. why?
because ive seen theres so many teenagers(not only teenagers, actually) nowadays addicted to their gadget. iphone, ipod, smartphone, etc. they use their gadget everywhere like they have no life in real world! when they go to restaurant they take pic of the foods and oupload it to twitter “dinner with my boyfriend” but she doesnt even talk with her boyfriend, is that normal? ‘course not!
i have a friend and we love to talk and she loves to share her stories to me and my other friend but she always looks stupid whenever she talks, and then there’s a tone from her phone she will reply that sms or bbm or whatssapp and then she continue to talk again but some seconds later shell say “wait” and check her phone again. her story is never finished and i really hate when she become like that. and also she never watch a movie completely ‘couse she is too busy with her phone. and when i said, “shut the phone!” she will say, “but he keeps sms me”
“But it because you reply him again and again thats why he responds to you too!”
its just fuckin terrible.
my friend bring her (call her A) phone to boarding school but when A realizes that her phone make one of our friend ‘has a different life’ inside A’s phone and doesnt seem to care about others, she never bring her phone to school again. and i love what she done.
that is why i never use my ipad when someone wants to talk to me, or when we are hangout, because i know i have a real life that i should pay attention at it


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