Never made me blink one time-Katy Perry

the title of this post inspire from the lyric of a song called ‘unconditionally’ by Katy Perry. I read a magazine which Katy said that this song is the song she love the most from her album PRISM. and this one’s the one i love the most too.
first time i hear this song on tv and i fell in love with the tone and video clip and it was so beautiful. the video clip make the song become more and more beautiful. and i search on youtube and i really loved the song. but, as usually, if we hear a song over and over again it will be so boring and soon that song wont be as beautiful as before. but today i hear that song again, and im still in love with it.
usually if i hear a song, i’d love the cover more than the original but for this one, i love the song more. The tone, the lyric, and katy’s voice bring an emotional feeling that i just cant explain, i actually cried with tears.
this song is simply beautiful.
and if you guys hear this song u probably will be asking question like, “what is the meaning of dirty laundry’ (its the lyrics, if u ask) but it tell u, dirty laundy is such a dirty thing, right? . dirty laundry. it means like a secret that you dont want others to know since its so emberassed. but Katy said in the song, ‘wont made me blink one time’ even the dirty laundy(this actually made me laugh a bit)
and, i think ill be posting a new mp3 widget for this blog and ill be posting unconditionally, but what do you think? i neep you guys opinion because im still have a doubt to do it



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