My first kiss? (A warning for adult)

this probably the most emberassing post i’ve ever made!
okay, so, here it is. i have a lil doubt and start questioning myself like, “is it okay to post this?” ‘couse i dont wanna inspire others to be lesbian, actually.
this is just a stupid experience that ever happened in my life.
i was on sixth grade when i have a trip to a waterfall with my school. we are free to do whatever we want there. the waterfall is beautiful, and it feels so…romantic. you can feel the love on the air. lol.
i was there, near the waterfall, when i saw a couple-a girl and a boy, they seemed to start making out. so i talked to my friend (she is a girl) about that couple and laughed at them. and she said that we should do what they do, so that they will feel emberassed and stop making out.
and so we did. they hugged we hugged(which is so silly since we never hugged before) they held hand so do we. but they didnt even move or feel emberassed infront of lil kids like us. so we holding hand again and staring at each other’s eyes like we are in love and we kissed! and they leave the waterfall! they feel emberassed, and so we laughed at them.
i dont have lust that time, so we kissed with no lust. we dont understand sex yet. and we dont care. we just two stupid kids who want to bother others lol. and when we kissed, i dont feel anything but: this is actually pretty disgusting and i feel like there’s a caterpillar stucks on my lips and ill never do this anymore, really, i feel sooo disgusted! we are not lesbian really, we are just stupid kids who want to stop a couple makin out so here’s a lesson for adult:(and for me too, ‘couse im on step to be adult) dont making out infront of childreeeen!!!
we told our teacher that we make a couple feel emberassed and go away and she laughed. as she laughed, we take a look at each other and smile: we didnt tell her that we kissed lol if she knows, it’ll be a death to us.

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