Mountain Climbing–Gunung Salak

it was my first trip with my highschool and we had so much fun!
we go to Gunung Salak at 06.00 o’clock in the morning and we all listening to music when we are on the car and talking and laughin and i dunno what else.
we arrived at a place called Agro wisata and we had a breakfast which is so delicious. and then we took some picts before we start to climb the mountain. i cant smile infront of camera i dunno why and then i become the one who took the picture and here is!

and we started to climb Gunung Salak. i once had a trip like this when i was kid but this trip is the hardest! i dunno why! when i was kid i climbed gunung salak and now im climbing the same mountain so what makes it looks harder to me? then i find out the answer when i realize that this is the real adventure! because we climb this mountain with no preparation at all no rope no shoes for mountain climbing, etc. we are climbing the mountain with our own hand and actually its suck because my hand hurts pretty bad. a lil bleeding on it.
some of my friends crying because they are too tired and they think its too hard but some of us enjoy this trip as much as we can becouse thats what i call as an adventure and, yeah, i loved it!


our final destination is the waterfall. we have walked like, 4 km and we are so fucking tired we started to climb at 07.00 and now its 12.00 and we havent reach the waterfall yet and when we hear the sound of water on a river, we thought thats the waterfall. we disappointed to find out it wasnt the waterfall but yeah we had a lil rest and alot of fun to do on that river. the water is so clean and i wanna drink it but my friends warned me no to do that they said its dirty! but when im alone i drink it behind my friends hahaπŸ˜›


and then we finally reach the waterfall. it was pretty good. we take some pict there and go back to agro wisata. it was 2.00 o’clock in the afternoon when we arrive at agro, so we questioning how could we arrive this fast, i mean, we climb in 5 hours right? my teacher said that actually theres an alternative way to go to the waterfall 😀 huuufffttt why dont we use that alternative street at first then? my teacher said that we could have alot more fun (and scars and tired) if we walk 5 hours tot he waterfall.
oh yeah, because this is a truly adventure, we got so many scars and some of us bleeding a lil and youll feel soooo fucking tired and for some people they cant even walk. for, like, 3 days after that im still feel tired and i find hard to walk yeah its like i had a stroke lol.
in the first an hour when we climb, whenever there is someone gets hurt we will take care of that person but for some hours after that even if we are bleeding, none of us care because “yeah everybody is bleeding its not just you” lol
but i had alot of fun, really!


3 thoughts on “Mountain Climbing–Gunung Salak

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