If one day i become a mom

there are times in this life which makes me feel guilty about my parents, but then i realize: sometimes its not just my fault ‘couse parents are only human, they can make some mistakes too.
that moment i sleepover at my friend’s house and we(me, and my other two friends) already planned that we gonna hangout to a mall with my friend’s boyfriend(theres only one person who has a boyfriend that time, and oh im a single maniac lol). but that one friend(she is the one who has a boyfriend, and the one that we sleepover at her house too) she was afraid that her mom doesnt give us permission to go outside, especially to the mall, so that we lied to her mom, and in some ways, made us feel soooo fuckin gulty. we told her that we are going to go to bookstore, buying some books and go home.
and after her mom gave us permission, that one friend said, “i feel so gulty”
“yeah, so do i” said i.
“when i become a mom in the future” the third of us said, “i wont warn my children, especially when they become a teenager, i wont warn them not to do this, not to do that, ‘couse i dont want my children to hide anything from me”
as she said that, we agreed.
we agreed because actually we were just having fun, and that one friend wont do anything with her boyfriend. they just holding hand and not even kissing. and we hangout just as a refreshing, we wont waste so much money, and we do not hangout everyday which means we dont waste much time. i mean, this is normal, right?
when i become a mom in the future, i wanna be that person who hangout with my children. that’s all

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