That one friend who has true talent of drawing

as you can see, this picture is created in an app called ‘paper’ and its a good app that has so many function and so useful but do you see? i havent purchase some features yet. it because i have to buy it on app store and its not that cheap lol.
but what makes me admire this pict is because my friend draw this without any preparation and she draw this just with two features: eraser and one else i dunno what to call it maybe pencil or crayon or what lol. she just took my ipad and said, “Hey, i wanna try this app” and i answered, “oh, sure” and some days after that i just realize that there’s an interesting art inside that app and im like “you are so talented!” couse she just borrow my ipad for a while maybe just 3 or 5 minutes but look at that its beautiful!
another time i was watching Marcus Buttler’s video on youtube and she sat next to me while holding a pencil and a post-it note and when that video(which is only 5 or 7 minutes long i forgot) finally end, i was so suprised to find this picture on that post-it note!

i found this interesting how she draw marcus when that was the first time she saw marcus and marcus is so atractive on that youtube video which made me think its impossible to get focus at his face.
actually at first i knew she likes to drawing but i didnt find her that talented. but she proves it, which she didnt actually to proves it or showing off: she just want to drawing.
and another time she draws Tom Hiddleston for me(that time ima huge fan of Tommy, but yeah untill now im still hehe) but sorry i cant take that pict here and oh yeah, here is another pict that she created on Paper. also an eye, but all black with no other color in it

and, oh yeah! if you want to know her well, she has no blog but… ill be posting it later okay! im forget her twitter lol hehe

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