Gay On My First Year At School

that moment is my first year at highschool and i thought ill pass that year without enemy,(bullying, etc) but then accidently my friend wrote a rude sentence in my book and it was “Fu*k you duloh” (it because she has a problem with duloh)
Duloh is such a silly boy who always think that he is the most handsome guy at school and that he is the coolest person on earth and i guess that makes him arrogant(although now he has changed and i tell you, he is not that bad anymore) and he was like ‘nobody can make me down’. actually i thought he was a gay ‘couse he acts like a girl. Acts like a girl? just see his reaction to that sentence on my book!
he thought it was me who wrote that, and then, he started to updated a status on facebook about me. he spread to the world like im a slut or what and he called me ‘old woman’ and such thing and he didnt even confirmed to me about ‘is it really me or someone else who wrote it’ since i dont have any problem with him, for sure.
we didnt even talk. he didnt even know my full name. he just know that book is mine, and thats all. you know, actually, we dont know each other!!!!
isnt he acts like a girl? if a girl got angry they will update status and tell the world that ‘that guy is such a dick’ and make some gossips about her enemy (and i actually hate that kind of girl and because im a girl, i know all girls are like that including me sometimes hehe) and bla and bla and blaaaa!
i dont even think a guy could act that girly! all my friends also said “He is such a bitch he is a slut he acts like a girl totally a girl!!!!”
if a guygot angry, usually they will calm down and like ‘i dont care about my enemy they just wasting my time’ and keep cool and yeah maybe they got angry but they will keep their anger to themselves or they will show their anger to their enemy but yeah they dont have to tell the world like ‘i hate that person so much’ and in my opinion it makes guy looks totally cool, totally a man!
yeah, he is the first gay that become my enemy–i dint know how is he right now, but i think he starts act normally as a guy and i guess he is not a gay anymore.
Lol. A gay.
ps. actually he is not a gay i mean he is just acts like a slut thats all

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