Teenager: expectation vs reality

some said highschool life is sooo cool and fantastic. when i was kid i always think how it feels to be a teenager: have a nice and handsome boyfriend, hangout with friends, wear cool and fashionable clothes and be a super-beautiful girl and and andddd go to nice highschool, and be a clever student and and and andddd ill go to favorite college. and ill travel the woooorrrlllddd.
what now?
my parents forced me to go boarding school(which when iw as kid i used to think like “nobody can control me when i grow up, i cluding my parents) and i have to spent the most terrible year there, which i cannot even wear nice clothes–i wear a mess one, and okay, im not girly and not fashionable(which makes me think ‘how the hell i ever wanted to be fashinable when i was kid?) and yeah i got the highest score at class, but it because all my friends are stupid(which means: so am i!) and, favorite college? oh my, im not evens ure that ill pass this highschool!
travel the world. i dont even allowed to leave the house alone(which i hate the most, couse i have to bring my lil sis everywhere and she is such a suck girl)
boyfriend? i dont have time to answer it!
wish my teenage life will get better asap, since im still 15(which means i have like some years again to enjoying my life as a teenager)

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