When Ozil still Real Madrid’s

i remembered when i was a kid i used to play football and really love it and as i grew i didnt play football anymore. And maybe the memory of my childhood made me love Real madrid. i love real madrid,a t first, because of cristiano ronaldo. but then now i love realmadrid itself, no matter what.
and last year i still remember the moment that i noticed theres a player named Mesut Ozil who played for madrid and i loved him 😘 but then i was shocked when i knew that Ozil has transfered to Arsenal. i dunno the reason RM sold Ozil that way, i mean,as a fan i feel a lost. Ozil is gone and its like an end to Madrid.
and now i just played a game on my ipad its called FIFA 13 which created in 2013 and which means that time ozil is still RM’s and when i played that game, Ozil scored a goal. im so fuckin happy but then i felt so sad that what happened on this game, ia actually, in real world, is never goin to happen 😓
i love Ozil, still. and maybe this is a nonsense but i want him back to Madrid. and maybe im not the only one who wants that. there’s alot of RM fans and Ozil fans out there.


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