Just today i come back to WordPress! (WordPress-Blogspot comparison)

actually i just decided to leave wordpress and come back to blogger last night, which sounds silly cuz i just made my wordpress blog. there are some reasons why this morning i come back to Worspress again and im leavin blogspot for good lol. its emberassing how i posted this on my blogspot:


but this morning i just got a notification like, bla bla bla is following ur blog now. and im suprised the way i got a follower which i only started this blog yesterday. i mean, i started my blogspot since long time ago and i have no follower even just one! i guess its because the display of wordpress is better than blogspot. and i come back here for some reasons:
-as you can see, its easier to get follower via wordpress
-wordpress got much more free templates than blogspot
-we can manage wordpress easier than we manage blogspot (i havent prove it yet but people said so)
-just search on Google ‘wordpress-blogspot comparison’ and ull see that most of blogger said that wordpress is better
and thats all 🙂


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