Hollywood sell everything, including…

i watch TV screen and yeah, i watch hollywood too.
their movies is the greatest. their acting looks so real and natural. their songs is just… so cool. but you know what? hollywood made me thinking of something…
as i can see, the movies, the songs, the video clips, and the actress expose their body(i mean bodies lol) so vulgar and theyre not shame at all doin that and it makes me confused because i even feel ashamed to see their bodies (and also their dicks) although ima girl i mean, dont you have common sense? once i gwent to cinema to watch hollywood and i was thinking like, “dont u feel ashamed million of people are watching you right now, watching you doin sex with ah-ahh-ahh–u know what i mean) they just told me like “My body is for sale”
hollywood sold them.
and as i can see those movies succesfully makes you people(western people, and american) dare to wear a really sexy clothes and talk about sex everywhere(especially, internet. and i felt disturbed with that topic. id ont wanna see sex topics on my fb newsfeed or youtube or vine or twitter or everywhere else!)
i once see a letter from an american which saying “hollywood makes us seem so happy exposing our body” and i guess she is right.
well, im from indonesia, and im not an american and never been there too, but here in indonesia we dont expose our body to public and kissing in public place is prohibited and free sex is just so stupid for us its because our movies and media is not as vulgar as hollywood. it makes us, indonesians, feel so respected by ourselves and by others–my body is not for sale, back off! lol
are you okay with your media, dear people out there?(out of indonesia i mean lol) and this is just my opinion but, i guess its true: i think ull be happier if u respect urself and make others respect u by not watching and making such a silly movies)
thats all. πŸ™‚ and btw happy fourth of july!(tooooo late haha)

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