That plastic surgery

i watch movies. i watch TV. i listen to music. and i know there’s something out there called K-Pop.
do you still askin like ‘what is that?’ no i am not goin to explain. instead i want to ask u, ‘what on earth do u live?’.
K-Pop stars, as far as i know, is beautiful as well. they have pure skin, so white and beautiful, flawless(i dunno why everytime i hear this word it reminds me of ‘Connor Franta-i’m Flawless’ lol), and they are so slim, with perfect shaped-body.
but when i got to see their childhood pics, i wonder why their old pic is so different with the new one? am i looking at the same person(or nah)?
yeah i do. one thing that makes it looks different is because they apply plastic surgery.
they are not that beautiful before, some of them even uglier than me(im not ugly lol shut up) and they wanna be beautiful. i mean, more beautiful, slimmer, more white than ever,. and fyi, k-pop stars is not all girls, i mean some of k-pop stars are boyband and boys too. they all wanna be more bautiful and more handsome than ever by being someone THAT ARE NOT THEMSELVES!
they became so different. they used to be ‘not-that-beautiful’ before so they aplied plastic surgery and as for me, you know, its fuckin terrible. so terrible! its like u become Angelina Jolie when you are only a Jennifer Lawrence, or an Avril lavigne, (or yeah, the greatest example is) only yourself.
but dont say that! dont say ‘only a yourself’. you are not an ‘only’ couse you are, really, actually, better be yourself than aplying plastic surgery and become someone else that you never used to know before, someone which is more fuckin beautiful, but still, thats not you.
people can praise how beautiful ur skin is, how slim u are, but dont u feel its terrible? they praise someone else, not you! i dont wanna be like that. i wanna be myself, i love myself.
and i also dont like it when people aplying make-up too much on their face and they are on a live tv, smiling to every camera but when they r on their way to home with no make-up anymore, nobody notice that that person is someone they just watched on tv!
i know as a girl every girl deserve to be beautiful and look pretty. i know it’s our sense that tells us to aply make-up. the normal make-up that makes us looks more-beautiful-but-still-ourselves is normal, as for me. but just dont overdo it!
you know, become beautiful is great, having slim body is nice, red lips is cool and eyeliner on each eye is beautiful but become overdose by aplying plastic sugery is not yourself. be yourself so that people can admire and praise yourself, not someone else that not even fix with u. so, accept yourself the way you are, couse you are more beautiful by being you, only you. yeah, YOU! the person that created by plastic sugery or too much make up is suck because they r not you.

this is so different. such a painful to know the one who stands there as an actress now is not a real you.


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