daz_black! some of you who have vine might know him as well.
i am one of his fan, from indonesia, which maybe he doesnt notice that he got a fan from indonesia like me hehe or probably im the only one indonesian dazzlers (is it what he calls his fan?) since vine is still not popular here.
his vine always make me laugh till my belly hurts or till i cant even breath. my favorite is when he posted a vine about “a girl that always giggle after everything she says” lol.
i show my friends his vine and i told my friends that he has a beautiful daughter and theyre like, “he is married?!” like its totally impossible for him to get a wife lol.
yes he is.
i commented on his vine “a crazy guy like u have a wife? fantastic!” and his wife replied me (and im like wooohoooo ok ok eventhough its not daz who replied)

and here i posted it on my instagram loool and i tagged his wife and also daz himself but yeah, i dunno they will response or nah but its good to being replied by daz’s family member lol.
some people say that he looks like 40 but some fans commented like ‘u r married? what? u look so young!’ well, its opposite haha (btw he is 28, if im correct)


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