And she said she really doesnt care (Demi lovato-really dont care)

ow ow ow
i really dont care
as always, Demi Lovato has a good sense of singing. Her song is pretty cool and atractive. first time i heard her song’s Heart attack and i was falling in love with it. But actually i know Demi for a long time, since i was 10 in my 5th grade.
She is beautiful, honestly, in ‘Camp Rock’.
i fell in love with her until… hmm maybe some days ago when i noticed her song ‘really dont care’. im not an american i dont speak english but i did understand the meaning of that song good enough and it makes me think, like, is it really Demi?
i thought she would never be like Miley Cyrus! (well, actually she hasnt been and i hope that she would never be)
i mean, you can see there on her video its like she has a great honor for gay and homosexual. Mab e she thinks it’s human right. is it?
and it makes me think about human right.
some years ago free sex is not common but now, as you can see, people fuck each other on the movies which they know there be like a million people will be watching them. what do they say about it? human right.
Kissing with lust in public? human right.
sex? human right.
suicide?(well maybe this is out of topic but come on lets just talk about it) human right.
what else? human right. eh, i mean, homosexual? human right.
the big question is, is it really human right? i mean, are you kidding me? are you out of your mind?
as for me, human right is not when you hurt yourself that way. dont you feel like you lose your self-esteem and your normal common sense when you do sex with strange man and when you become a homo?
people should use their brain couse im afraid in the future, people will kill each other and say ‘this is my right. human right’
then ill be the first who stands and says loudly, “You guys are fuckin unnormal. This is not human right”

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